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A Few Tips on Restoring a Volkswagen Beetle!

Restoration of a Volkswagen Beetle, or any car for that matter, can be a long and challenging task. Besides the obvious retrieval of engine parts, one has to make sure everything fits and works without problem. Sometimes, if one finds and fixes a problem, another problem may occur. This is why It is important to […]

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British Pride: Eagle SS Restoration

Eagle Cars Limited was a factory that built amazing car model Eagle SS during the 80’s. In today’s car restoration we will show you full Eagle SS Restoration from junk to beautiful car.


Look Out for Super Bowl Commercial

The Campaign has strategized over how to promote their car buying and selling resources to the masses and decided to build a platform strong enough to complete their mission: a Super Bowl commercial. This Sunday, a 30-second advertisement will play during the 1st half of Super Bowl XLVII.  The website’s vice president of marketing, […]


KBB Awards The Top Car Value Brands and Models

Kelley Blue Book, a trusted car information provider for over three decades, has released predictions on car brands and models that will retain its value over a period of 60 months (or five years). The Kelley Blue Book KBB 2013 Best Resale Value Awards has been evaluating and awarding car companies for almost ten years. The […]

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Beautiful Autos from SEMA Show Cars

Car Restoration is long and expensive process. After years of work and a lot money spent we all want to show the final product to the other car enthusiasts. Is there better place to show your car restoration masterpiece than cars shows? In the today’s article we will show you few of the restored cars […]

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How ti Find Vintage Car Parts

Perhaps you have lately made a decision that you might want to have your vintage car restored? If that’s the case,   how you would want to start the process? Even though many people go to an expert vintage car restoration company, you can find other people who decide on their own restoration. For anyone who […]